Different Levels Of Soundproofing In Doors

20 January 2021

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to get to sleep and can hear the other members of your household watching TV or talking?

Or perhaps you’re looking for a little more peace and quiet around the house now that you’re mainly working from home?

If so, you could benefit from having acoustic doors installed in your home or workspace.

Acoustic doors are doors that are manufactured to keep out excess noise coming from the different areas of your home or offices, offering a barrier and providing a level of soundproofing between rooms.

The standard wooden doors installed in most households do offer some soundproofing, but generally only enough to muffle an average amount of noise – just a fraction of the level of soundproofing that you need.

Everyone can benefit from installing doors within their house, which reduce unwanted noise throughout their homes or work spaces.

So, what levels of soundproofing can acoustic doors – specifically the tailor-made acoustic doors that we offer here at Vigor Doors – provide?

Soundproof Decibel Ratings

Decibels are a universally-recognised way of measuring sound levels, designed to work off the sensitivity of the average human ear.

acoustic door

To understand the level of soundproofing offered by different kinds of acoustic doors, we should first look at exactly what a decibel rating translates to in real life comparisons.

Of course, 0dB is complete silence, while long-exposure to noise above 85dB can cause permanent hearing damage.

Surprisingly, sounds that we hear every day come incredibly close to that barrier, with the average conversation coming in at 60dB; the majority of vacuum cleaners giving off 70–80dB; and the sound of heavy city traffic hitting the 85dB barrier – and that’s if you’re inside the vehicle!

What Material Absorbs Sound Best?

Here at Vigor Doors, we use the highest-quality materials to enable our acoustic doors to achieve an excellent level of soundproofing:

  • Steel
  • Timber
  • Aluminum
  • PVC

All of these materials offer different degrees of soundproofing, with each possessing qualities that reflect and absorb sound, rather than allowing them to pass through the door.

You may have seen that soundproof rooms, such as recording studios, often use soft insulation to keep out sound. Materials like insulating foam add an extra level of soundproofing when placed in-between the above materials, as well as the sandwiching of dense cores.

If you think that these materials all sound like they might make for fairly ugly household doors, don’t worry! Soundproof interior doors can include all the standard household aesthetic door features, such as hinges, ironmongery, frames, veneers and painted finishes – proving that Vigor’s acoustic doors don’t just function well but can look great as well!

Levels Of Soundproofing

Now for the decibel ratings of soundproof doors, alongside the real-life noise examples, you can expect them to keep out.

Standard household or office doors only have a soundproof level of 20dB – and, as most conversations average at the 60dB level, that means that the person or people in the next room will be able to hear everything (not much good if you’re trying to have a confidential chat). We’re sure that you’ve noticed that standard household and office doors very leave little to the imagination as far as everyday noise is concerned.

soundproof door

Here are the comparisons between the noise reduction offered by many soundproof doors, alongside the real-life comparison as you would hear it.

Noise Reduced (dB)Real-Life Comparison
25dBNormal conversation will be quieter and/or muffled. Loud conversation will still be entirely audible.
30dBNormal conversation will be very difficult to hear. Loud conversation will be mostly audible.
35dBLoud conversation will be quiet and/or muffled.
40dBLoud conversation will be very faintly audible.
45dBLoud conversation will be almost inaudible. Shouting will be very faintly audible.

At Vigor Doors, we offer two levels of soundproofing in our acoustic doors.

Low/Medium Performance

A sound reduction of 34dB – loud conversation will be quiet and/or muffled.

High Performance

A sound reduction of 44dB – loud conversation will be almost inaudible, while shouting will be very faintly audible.

Our high performance doors perform to the same decibel reduction level that cinemas need for their screen doors, so you can be assured that our doors will give you the soundproofing you need – and more!

A low/medium performance door will block out the majority of the usual noises you may hear coming from within the different rooms of your household or workspace, such as the noise of boiling kettles, oven fans, chatter and TVs or music being played at a reasonable volume.

A high performance door will block out all of the above, as well as the noise made by appliances such as vacuum cleaners, loud music, loud chatter and shouting and the noise of TVs/speakers in the rooms closest to you. Parties going on downstairs? With a high performance acoustic door providing a barrier between your room and the rest of the house, no problem!

Why Do I Need An Acoustic Door?

With so much noise going on around our homes and places of business throughout the day, an acoustic door provides a much-needed barrier, allowing you peace and quiet – especially important in these stressful times, specifically for those who may be working from home and can only focus if they have as few distractions as possible.

soundproof door

Installing soundproof door throughout your home or office also allows you privacy, allowing you to listen to music, watch television and hold conversations without the worry of disturbing others or others disturbing you. In a time when having some stress-free time to ourselves is more important than ever, a soundproof interior door could be exactly what you need.

For anyone planning on selling their home in the coming months or years, – especially in homes designed for families or homes which include a dedicated office space – it’s worth keeping in mind that soundproof door will also be an attractive feature to potential future buyers.

This is a home improvement that will likely become more popular in the coming years due to the rising number of home workers, so could be a worthy investment for anyone looking to sell – though the benefits of the added peace and quiet may be enough to keep you in your current home for years to come!

Need A Little Peace And Quiet? Call Vigor Doors Today!

At Vigor Doors, our acoustic door provide excellent levels of interior soundproofing, and each and every door is manufactured with your needs and wants in mind.

We use the very best materials to craft doors that will provide the much-needed barrier between you and the effects of loud noises within your home or office space.

Give our friendly team a call on 01642 265 034, or drop us an email at info@vigor-doorsrdoors.com today to discuss your acoustic door needs.

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