What is an acoustic door?

At Vigor Doors, our standard acoustic door consists of a flush door (a solid core door without any vision panelling) and either a batwing seal only (an L shaped seal which meets the edge of the door when you close it), or a batwing and a drop seal (this seal fits to the bottom of a door and drops down automatically when the door closes).​

Both seals would be needed for doors with a higher decibel rating.

What is an acoustic door decibel rating?

An acoustic door differs from your bog standard door because it has a decibel rating, depending on the level of sound a door can block.

At Vigor Doors, we manufacture doors of all decibel ratings, even as much as 45 decibels. The higher the decibel rating, the thicker the door core.

Added features

Acoustic doors can be customised to meet your individual requirements - and so that your door fits in anywhere:

  • Fire resistance acoustic doors in North East, UK

    Fire resistance: a moralt core can be used to resist both sound and fire.

  • Fire Door Vision Panel

    Vision panels: the bigger the vision panel (made from acoustic glass), the better the door is at stopping sound travel.

  • Acoustic Fire Doors UK

    Batwing & drop seals: either a batwing or both a batwing and a drop seal can be fitted to the door, depending on the level of acoustics you want to shield.

Soundproof Doors

Bespoke orders:

We have a number of options for you, when you come to us with custom specifications:

  • Value added option: We can offer you a better value option based on your individual requirements.
  • Bespoke elements: First of all, we can add bespoke fixtures and fittings to our standard sized fire doors.
  • Next level bespoke: We can manufacture custom size fire doors, with custom fixtures and fittings.

Can I get my acoustic doors made to custom specifications?

Understandably, our standard acoustic doors will be the quickest and cheapest option for you. However, if you need something specific, please speak to us.

Our in-depth knowledge, experience creating custom orders and contacts within the industry mean that we should be able to lock down your bespoke requirements with ease.


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