What is a doorset?

At Vigor Doors, our standard sized doorset consists of a standard sized fire door, which has been dropped into a frame.

Why invest in a fire doorset over just a fire door?

You can be sure that when our fire rated doors are dropped into their correct frames, that it is truly a durable and safe pairing.

However, to truly act as a passive fire protector, that it is just as important that they are fitted in the correct way.

Bespoke Fire doors Design for order in the North East, UK

Bespoke orders

We have a number of options for you, when you come to us with custom specifications:

  • Value added option : We can offer you a better value option based on your individual requirements.
  • Bespoke elements : First of all, we can add bespoke fixtures and fittings to our standard sized fire doors.
  • Next level bespoke : We can manufacture custom size fire doors, with custom fixtures and fittings.

Can I get my doorsets made to custom specifications?

Understandably, our standard sized doorsets will be the quickest and cheapest option for you. However, if you need something specific, please speak to us.

Our in-depth knowledge, experience creating custom orders and contacts within the industry mean that we should be able to lock down your bespoke requirements with ease.


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