What is a fire door?

At Vigor Doors, our standard sized fire doors consist of a flush door (a solid core door without any vision panelling) and an intumescent seal (the part which seals the edges of the door in the event of a fire).

What is a 30 minute fire door?

A fire door differs from your bog standard door because it is either fire resistant (our FD30 rated doors), or it is both fire and smoke resistant (our FD30S rated doors).

The ’30’ present in both of these ratings reflects the minimum number of minutes the firewall will protect up to.

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Added features

Fire doors don't have to look like fire doors (if you get what we mean!). We can add a number of features to make your door fit in anywhere:

  • Glazed Fire Doors Hinges

    Certified ironmongery: handles, drop seals, locks, latches & door viewers (spy holes).

  • Fire Door Intumescent

    Air transfer grills: vents with built in intumescent jackets (in the event of a fire, any gaps are sealed).

Types of fire door

At Vigor Doors, we manufacture a number of different types of fire door:

  • Paint Grade
  • Veneered
  • Laminate
  • Foil
  • Vision Panel – Glazed, Flush Bead, Bead

Please note that these types can be maximum sizes depending on factors like the glass type, the fire rating and the door core, so please speak to us regarding your unique requirements.

Just Fire Doors

Bespoke orders

We have a number of options for you, when you come to us with custom specifications:

  • Value added option: We can offer you a better value option based on your individual requirements.
  • Bespoke elements: First of all, we can add bespoke fixtures and fittings to our standard sized fire doors.
  • Next level bespoke: We can manufacture custom size fire doors, with custom fixtures and fittings.

Can I get my fire doors made to custom specifications?

Understandably, our standard sized fire doors will be the quickest and cheapest option for you. However, if you need something specific, please speak to us.

Our in-depth knowledge, experience creating custom orders and contacts within the industry mean that we should be able to lock down your bespoke requirements with ease.


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