Acoustic Doors For Home Interiors: Why You Need Them And How To Choose Them

12 February 2021

Why Acoustic Doors Are Important For Home Interiors

If you’ve ever been disturbed – and irritated – by noise coming from different parts of your home or office, then the solution could lie in your internal doors. 

Standard wooden internal doors tend to only offer around 20db (decibels) of soundproofing. You can pretty much hear a ticking watch through one! As such, standard wooden doors do little to no good if you’re trying to reduce the levels of unwanted noise coming into your bedroom, living or work space.

Acoustic doors, on the other hand, have excellent soundproofing qualities that could help bring that longed-for tranquility to your home or office (one and the same for lots of people at the moment!).

What Are Acoustic Doors?

Acoustic doors can offer around 44db of sound resistance. That’s around the same amount of decibels as someone speaking loudly right outside the door… and we’ve all worked or lived with people that do that, haven’t we?

Even if someone actively shouts outside your door (squabbling kids, for example), good soundproof doors will ensure that they are only faintly audible – meaning that you can go on ignoring them and crack on with whatever it is you’re trying to do.

While you might be inclined to associate soundproof doors with recording studios, theatres, cinemas, some classrooms and company boardrooms, they are actually becoming an increasingly popular sound-dampening solution for home interiors.

Acoustic doors are particularly attractive to people that:

  • Work from home
  • Share a home with a house or flat mate
  • Live with people that play instruments
  • Just want some ‘chill’
  • Want to get a better quality night’s sleep

Acoustic Doors As Valuable Home Improvement Features

The soundproofing qualities of acoustic doors mean that they are an attractive feature to potential homebuyers. 

They are therefore an affordable home improvement for people selling their home and looking to maximise their resale value. 

With more and more people working from home, the idea of moving into a home with soundproof doors could be hugely appealing to many potential buyers – and it could just be the feature that gives your home the extra edge needed to make a sale.

Acoustic Doors For Home

Plenty Of Choice On Offer

There are a few different kinds of acoustic doors out there. 

At Vigor Doors, we supply acoustic doors which give two different levels of soundproofing.

Our low/medium performance doors offer a soundproofing level of up to 34dB, which will muffle the sound of a loud conversation – thereby making them not only an attractive proposition at home, but also for places where confidential conversations typically take place, such as doctors’ surgeries, dental practices and meeting rooms. 

Our highest performance door offers up to 44dB of soundproofing, around the same level used by the majority of multiplex cinemas! Needless to say, these doors do make a world of difference – even shouting will be almost inaudible.

Vigor Doors designs and installs soundproof doors manufactured with a range of different high quality materials, including:

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Timber
  • PVC

Whatever it is you want from the acoustic interior doors in your home, we’ll work with you to make sure that we get it just right.

How to Choose Acoustic Doors

The first thing to consider when looking to have acoustic doors installed in your home is just what level of soundproofing you actually need. 

As previously mentioned, our low/medium-performance doors offer soundproofing levels of up to 34dB; and high-performance doors up to 44dB. So, choose a door to suit the level of soundproofing you need to block out the noise that you typically experience in your home or workplace.

And if you think that acoustic doors are big, bulky, ugly things, we’re here to assure you that 

soundproof acoustic doors can actually be very aesthetically pleasing!

In addition to standard doors, our doors can be customised to match your decor and include beautifully crafted:

  • Hinges
  • Ironmongery
  • Frames
  • Veneers
  • Handles
  • Painted Finishes
  • Varnishes

…to meet your needs.

How To Choose Acoustic Doors

Get The Peace And Quiet You Deserve

We’re spending more time than ever at home, meaning that peace and quiet is coming harder and harder to come by. 

Acoustic doors could be just the thing to bring much-needed tranquility and ‘zen’ to your living or work space. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the soundproof revolution and bring some calm to your life today!

Give our friendly team a call on 01642 265 034, or drop us an email at to discuss your acoustic door needs.

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