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We create our products for a number of different industries, educating our clients on how to fit them right.

  • Fire Doors for Commercial sector


  • Fire Doors for educational sector


  • Fire Doors for residential sector


  • Fire Doors for health care sector

    Health Care

Soundproof Doors

Who Are We?

Fire door manufacturers in the North East, UK, Vigor Doors started when two passionately serious individuals (Gareth and Claire) came together to get fire doors, doorsets and screens right, first time.

Vigor by name, vigorous by nature, we make sure that everyone around us is educated on fire safety. Why? Because we are built for life.

Our Process

  • Fire Rated Doors
    Fire Doors Manufacturing Process in UK

    Spec & Quote

    On receipt of new requirements and specifications, we make sure we fully map out the potential order and understand every aspect to deliver fair and accurate pricing.

    By mapping this out fully we ensure we are able to deliver on time consistently.

  • Fire-Doors-Manufacturing-process-In-UK


    We use the latest technology and learning within the industry to help us deliver the best quality products for our clients.

    Infact, we are committed to a total quality production process.

    Fire Door Manufacturing process in UK
  • Custom Fire Door Delivery to customer in Darlington UK
    Fire Doors Manufacturing Process in UK


    Our focus is front heavy – we make sure we get a total understanding at the start of the project.

    This really does ensure your orders are delivered on time, consistently.

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