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7 Simple Tips for Achieving Fire Door Compliance

Fire door compliance is a critical part of any fire safety plan, but it can often be confusing and...

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Automatic Doors and Windows: The Necessary Winter Checklist

As the cold weather continues, we here at Vigor thought it’d be good to check in on all of...

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The Importance Of Fire Doors When Designing Safe Buildings

Fire safety is now of paramount importance to architects or property developers designing or planning buildings – or, at...

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The Benefits Of Soundproof Doors In Your Workplace

Unwanted noise in the workplace is annoying as hell, isn’t it. But whether your office is located on...

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Your Quick Fire Questions

What is the difference between an FD30 and an FD30S fire door?

An FD30 fire door is fire resistant up to a minimum of 30 minutes, whereas an FD30S fire door is fire AND smoke resistant up to a minimum of 30 minutes. The additional S in the rating shows that the door is also smoke resistant.

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Can you repair fire door glass?

Yes, you can repair fire door glass. Ideally, the door must go back to where it was made, to be repaired in proper factory conditions before being sent back out.

What is fire rated glass?

Fire rated glass is a clear pane of glass in normal circumstances. However, in the event of a fire (and therefore under a certain temperature), the glass cracks and falls away leaving an intumescent sheet behind. It forms part of the passive fire protection system in place.

Do fire doors need vision panels?

Fire doors do not need vision panels, it all depends on your unique requirements.

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