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Meeting Fire Safety Regulations In The Workplace

There are, understandably, a number of regulations and standards that you must adhere to if you are responsible for.

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Soundproof Doors Are Good For Your Health

What Is A Soundproof Door? Soundproof doors – also known as acoustic doors – are internal doors that are.

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What Are Fire Rated Doors And Do They Save Lives?

Introduction to Fire-Rated Doors We all know how devastating the effects of a fire can be. Without appropriate fire.

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Doors That Save Lives: Everything To Know About Fire Doors

Fire doors aren’t optional, they’re necessary. This simple construction is capable of saving lives if a fire is present..

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Your Quick Fire Questions

Can you repair fire door glass?

Yes, you can repair fire door glass. Ideally, the door must go back to where it was made, to be repaired in proper factory conditions before being sent back out.

What is fire rated glass?

Fire rated glass is a clear pane of glass in normal circumstances. However, in the event of a fire (and therefore under a certain temperature), the glass cracks and falls away leaving an intumescent sheet behind. It forms part of the passive fire protection system in place.

Do fire doors need vision panels?

Fire doors do not need vision panels, it all depends on your unique requirements.

Can fire doors have glass panels or a window?

Yes, fire doors can have glass panels or a window, but it depends on a number of factors including the door core or the fire rating required. This glass must be fire rated glass with a thickness which matches the FD rating you require.

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