Do You Need A New Door? Signs To Look Out For

24 November 2020

We may take them for granted, but doors play a big part in our everyday lives.

They keep us safe and warm – and some of them, like Acoustic or Soundproof Doors, even block out unwanted noise. 

But how often do we keep a check on our doors? Or think about whether they might need replacing? 

Do you know the signs that indicate that it might be time to fix or replace your door?

In this blog, we take a look at the top signs to look out for. Because, without strong and properly functioning doors in our homes and properties, we risk implications for both security and safety. 

By the end of the read, you’ll know how to inspect your doors for total peace of mind. 

From Fire Doors to interior Soundproof Doors, we’re going to tell you exactly why you shouldn’t overlook a replacement when the time comes. 

Soundproof Interior Door

Loose Hinges

Let’s start with the parts of doors that keep them in place – hinges. 

Faulty hinges can cause issues with opening, and closing doors, safety when using them, and – worst of all may – put you at risk of break-ins. 

Poorly maintained hinges on doors are going to be problematic; significantly so if they can’t be tightened. If you find your door to be in such condition, we advise you to look for a replacement. Loose hinges on your door will allow people to push their way into your property. 

Save yourself the hassle of a potential break-in and replace your door if you find hinges to be damaged beyond repair. 

Of course, there are times when an application of WD-40 will prevent any constant noises, but it’s not going to be a long-term fix. Keep this in mind when you’re umming and ahhhing! 

Cracked Paint 

Cracked paint is an eyesore. But, worse, it could be a sign that your door is on the way out. 

Weather, particularly in the UK, can be responsible for damage to your doors. While a coat of varnish may keep paint from cracking for a slightly more extended period, you’ll likely have to top it up before you know it.

We recommend choosing a weatherproof front door to reduce the need for constant maintenance. You’ll thank yourself in the long-run, as you can rest assured that the weather isn’t causing any external or internal damage to your door.

Opening And Closing Issues 

As seasons transition, your doors will increase and decrease in size due to the climate. 

Because of this, you will likely notice some changes in how easy it is to open and close a door. However, if the problem persists and you’re struggling to use your doors, this could be a sign of further issues developing. 

Both the enlargement and increased weight of your front door can put a strain on your flooring too. If this is the case, and the issue is not addressed, you can end up causing further damage to your home. 

Your best move is to replace the doors that are responsible for affecting your flooring. This can be costly, but it’s certainly worth the investment. 

Fire Doors With Glass

There’s A Draught

Can you feel a constant draught? Don’t you hate that? 

While you can probably put up a draught during the summer months, things can become a lot more uncomfortable during autumn and winter. And, let’s face it, it seems to be autumn and winter a lot in the UK and Ireland! 

When checking whether your front door is the culprit of a draught, be sure to inspect the sealant as well as the door. Poorly applied sealant can often result in cold air from the outside getting into your property. 

Rather than dialling up the heating and racking up a big energy bill in a futile attempt to manage the problem, you’re much better off replacing your front door. There are many different doorsets to choose from at Vigor that boast both quality and style. 

Issues With Fitting

Poorly fitted doors can lead to lots of different challenging, long-term and potentially expensive issues. 

One of the most common issues with doors that haven’t been fitted properly is gaps that are left underneath the door itself. This can result in chill draughts, outside debris and even creepy crawlies getting into your home! 

Also, if the door isn’t positioned correctly in the door frame, it could scrape against the floor. So, if you have wooden or slate flooring in your home, you’ll soon find you have to replace the door AND the floor.

FD30 Fire Door

Fire Door Replacement

Have you got an FD30 Fire Door that needs replacing?

When it comes to assessing the quality of fire doors, there is no room for error. Fire Doors are made to save lives – and Vigor Doors really are the experts.

If you spot any signs of damage to your Fire Door(s), it’s essential that you replace them. All Fire Doors crafted and installed by Vigor use fire-rated materials, intumescent seals, and are certified to strict Fire Door safety standards.

Signs to look out for include gaps larger than 3mm between the door and frame, lack of intumescent sealing, use of non-fire-rated hinges, panels, and unsuitable letter plates. These common faults can result in a huge reduction in a Fire Door’s effectiveness.

Fire Door Evaluations

If you’re having doubts about the performance or capabilities of your Fire Doors, don’t waste time. The best thing to do is to organise a Fire Door evaluation, whereby a professional assesses the doors for you. 

Fire Door evaluations should be carried out at least once a year, though it’s a good idea to carry them out every six months. A fire door evaluation is required immediately. In situations where you have noticed any immediate areas of concern.

Fire Door evaluations

Trust The Experts

At Vigor, we pride ourselves in being door safety experts. From the manufacturing of life-saving Fire Doors to creating Acoustic Doors for work or residential environments, we’ve got your back. If you’re looking to replace your doors, look no further than our range of quality doors. 

Whether you’re in need of a door set or want a solid Fire Door, we’re the team for you. Don’t just take our word for it either, check out the case studies across our website

Give our friendly team a call on 01642 265 034, or drop us an email at today to discuss your door needs.

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