The Benefits Of Soundproof Doors In Your Workplace

27 January 2022

Unwanted noise in the workplace is annoying as hell, isn’t it. 

But whether your office is located on a busy high-rise block in a fast-moving city or simply a small space in a quiet village miles away from civilisation, unwanted noise, unfortunately, is always going to happen. 

Soundproof Doors In Your Workplace

Gossip from your co-workers, passing vehicles or general office noise like printers, air conditioning machines, and relentless keyboard smashing can mess with our concentration, stopping us from getting the job done to the best of our ability. 

The fact is, excess noise always seems to find a way, even with your office doors firmly closed on the outside world. 

Luckily, there’s a solution, in the form of soundproof doors. 

A padded recording studio may be what first comes to mind when you hear the term ‘soundproof’, but the reality is that there are other more practical and cost-effective ways to prevent unwanted noise from plaguing your work environment. 

Here’s why soundproof doors are simply a must for your office or workspace. 

Noise Reduction 

The first benefit is the most obvious- noise reduction. 

At Vigor, our standard soundproof doors reduce up to 35dB (decibels) of sound – however, a two-door system can go beyond this. 

This makes them perfect for offices that share space with heavy machinery – be it industrial equipment, or things as commonplace as computer server rooms that often require noisy coolers and hard drives. 

Getting rid of this excess noise also allows you to focus more on things you actually want to listen to. 

Team members will be heard more clearly in important meetings, your call handlers will be able to hear incoming calls a little clearer without being distracted, and visitors will hear and be heard with ease. 

With these noises drowned out, your office becomes a more productive and enjoyable environment to work in. 


In any workplace, there’s going to be a need for confidentiality. 

With acoustic doors, private interactions can be confined in the right space. 

So, whether you’re in a healthcare facility, discussing a new ground-breaking drug, a technology company chatting about the newest smartphone, or a human resources department dealing with the latest employee squabble, acoustic doors will guarantee you the much-needed privacy you require. 

Even in offices where an open floor is promoted, an acoustic door made with clear glass can still provide the openness whilst maintaining privacy. 


Soundproof doors also allow you to gain a firmer grip on the airflow in your workplace. 

How, you ask?

The insulation properties of soundproof doors make them perfect for stopping hot air from leaking out whilst simultaneously preventing draughts from getting in. 

Additionally, this can massively improve the air quality, preventing particles and pollutants from entering, keeping your moisture and humidity levels consistent as you go through the day. 

If you want an energy-saving solution that will manage your temperature-controlled air while keeping your energy bills down, soundproof doors are a great fix.


The insulation properties that make soundproof doors perfect for noise cancellation and temperature management also means they offer a great level of safety and security for any property they’re installed in. 

Soundproof Doors Security

Their high density and mass make them tougher nuts to crack than your normally hollow bog-standard door. 

They Look Good!

Although a door’s substance is our priority, this doesn’t mean we sacrifice style – far from it. 

Our soundproof doors come in a variety of styles designed to fit seamlessly into any type of environment. 

Whether you’re searching for something laminated, veneered or glazed, we have you covered!

It’s A No-Brainer!

Modern-day working life and new regulations around soundproofing in work environments make soundproof doors an absolute necessity for businesses. 

But what makes our soundproof doors stand out from the crowd? 

We’re too often contacted by customers who want us to fix the problems other door manufacturers have created for them by not manufacturing doors correctly. 

At Vigor, we’re passionate about getting the job right the first time, no matter the size and scale. 

Vigor Doors

That passion is reflected in our customised soundproof doors offering. 

Although, of course, we offer standard soundproof doors that will get the job done at a lower price, we can also do so much more. 

So, whether it’s style or safety that you care most about, we’re here to help!

Get your soundproof doors right the first time 

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