Automatic Doors and Windows: The Necessary Winter Checklist

09 March 2022

As the cold weather continues, we here at Vigor thought it’d be good to check in on all of your automatic doors and windows.

Arguably the most crucial aspect of any building, without doors and windows, the bitterly cold winter elements you see outside now could be a literal dampener on your next family gathering, lazy Sunday or shift at work.

So if you want a cosy and safe winter season, here’s a winter checklist for your doors and windows that’ll guarantee exactly that.

The Doors

Let’s focus on the doors first – the component, that is: not the (depending on your point of view) overrated or best ever American rock band. 

Automatic doors are no longer considered a convenient or even futuristic feature inspired by sci-fi films and TV. These mechanisms are now an essential part of buildings, particularly for people with accessibility issues.

So if you want to make sure your automatic doors continue to be a helpful feature of your property rather than a legal and safety hazard, it’s time to listen up. 

Familiarise yourself 

Because automatic doors are usually mechanical objects, your safety standards should include looking over the actual mechanical hardware itself. 

Are the door mechanisms in good condition? Do the parts need to be repaired or replaced entirely? Do you know how to judge the condition of these parts? 

Trust us, familiarising yourself with the key parts of your door makes fixing the problem a whole lot easier. 

Areas surrounding the door

Your checklist should also include looking at the area around the door itself. 

After all, the state of your door won’t really matter if its path in and out is surrounded by mouse traps and banana peels.

So make sure the vicinity of your door is unobstructed. 

That means any debris blown in by the wind or slip hazards brought in by a snow storm are cleared as soon as possible. 

It may seem like a chore, but carrying out such a simple task makes a world of difference for the safety of people passing through your doors. 

Run regular safety checks

Although health and safety is always important, the wet and windy winter months always require that extra little bit of diligence. 

To ensure safety is upheld, building managers or property owners should run routine safety checks on doors and windows at least once a week, or after a power outage. 

A crucial aspect of any preventative maintenance plan, it’s critical that your routine checks track a level of performance you’re getting from the doors. 

Once you get to grips with how your door is supposed to operate, it will be much easier to notice drops in performance, allowing you to act quicker in resolving the issue.

The windows

Like doors, windows boost both the safety and energy efficiency of a building. 

However, also like doors, windows comprise interdependent parts that require regular maintenance and care to keep functioning smoothly throughout the winter. 

Take a look below to find out what you need to do:

Ensure the rubber sealing is in place

The different weather conditions – especially rain and strong sunlight – take their toll on window frames. 

Also, ice can form behind the rubber sealing when winter temperatures drop below zero, resulting in damages. 

If gaps appear, this will lead to air getting in, only further increasing your energy costs. 

Caulk or rubber foam insulation can be used to fix the issue. If not, a replacement window may be required. 

Keep an eye on the moving parts

Like anything, properly cleaning and maintaining windows will make them last longer. 

When it comes to the moving parts of a window, it’s vital that they are cleaned and lubricated before the onset of both summer and winter, protecting against harsh weather conditions. 

The frequency you clean and maintain your windows should depend on where your property is located. 

For example, buildings that are accustomed to strong winds, rain and other elements will require more care and attention. 

As with rubber seals, if you notice any damage to your windows, make sure to fix the problem as soon as you can, to avoid further deterioration. 

Consider storm windows

Generally installed on the outside of the primary building windows, storm windows provide an added layer of protection against strong winds while also reducing airflow, making your house considerably warmer. 

Storm windows are the perfect option if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to replace your current windows, as they are durable and will therefore save you a substantial amount in energy costs in the long-term. 

However, it’s important to note that you can also improve the efficiency of energy in your property by replacing your old windows with new ones.  

Final thoughts

The ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui considers doors and windows the most crucial part of a building. 

Besides promoting peace and harmony in a metaphorical sense, windows and doors are invaluable components that provide peace in a physical sense as well.

Get in touch with Vigor Doors today to find out how our doors can help you keep cosy and drive down those energy bills in winter!

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