We Need To Talk About Door Frames: A Complete Guide

17 June 2021

Door frames are consistently placed in the shadow of doors, literally and figuratively. 

But not here, in this article. 

They’re going to be placed front-and-centre. And rightly so, because door frames play a vital role in preventing draughts, eliminating gaps and ensuring the health and safety of a building’s occupants.

Door frames are, in no uncertain terms, essential; providing the foundations that allow us to install Acoustic Doors that create and maintain quiet and peaceful environments, as well as Fire Doors

that often make the difference between life and death.

Don’t panic if you’ve struggled to get a handle on door frames in the past, because this quick and easy guide will tell you everything you need to know. 

Door Frame

The Ins And Outs

Your door and door frame have many components that the majority of people are not aware of. However, if you encounter a problem and require help from an expert, understanding the jargon may save you some time. 

So here’s a quick run through of the anatomy of a door frame:


Let’s start from the bottom. The sill or threshold is the horizontal section of the door frame that lies underneath the door. 

Door Frame Stop

A thin strip of wood that runs along the inside of the entire door frame, the door frame stop prevents your door from swinging backwards and forwards like the entrance to a saloon in a Spaghetti Western. 


The jamb is what most people would refer to when describing a door frame. A long piece of wood that runs along each side of the door, the jamb is an integral piece of the puzzle that attaches the door frame to the door via hinges. 


To the top now, the head of the door frame is the lintel type object that sits horizontally above the door.

On internal door frames, these are typically made from wood. On an external door frame, they are varyingly made from wood, aluminium or uPVC. 


Also known as the jamb casing, the architrave is a decorative piece of wood that surrounds the entire door frame. Often used to conceal the working parts of the door, architraves are usually designed to match the skirting boards that surround it, so as to not draw attention to it.

Door frames can be purchased as one piece or separately before being fitted into the entrance opening. 

But be careful! Even if you’re a seasoned DIY-er, it’s time to leave your ego at the door and let a team of professionals handle the fitting and installation for you. 

Front Door Frame

Different Types Of Door Frames

Door frames – like the doors they’re attached to – come in all shapes, sizes, colours and types. So it’s best to know what style of door frame may suit your home or property the best.

Here are three of the most common frames you will encounter… 

Open Door Frames

The most commonly constructed door frame, the open door frame is the hallmark of any modern interior home. 

Models such as our FD30S Fire Door work perfectly within this frame, providing ease of access while simultaneously defending you from fire and deadly smoke for up to 30 minutes. 

Closed Door Frames

What often distinguishes a closed door frame from an open one is the sill/threshold on the bottom of the frame, used to complete the seal around the door. 

Used on external door frames, closed door frames combine brilliantly with our Acoustic Doors, creating a quiet and peaceful environment away from the seemingly perpetual chaotic outside world. 

Frames With Glazing Panels

Natural light is great isn’t it? It creates a sense of clarity and space within a room, or building in general. 

Increasingly popular in modern homes, glazed panels can be added to the side and top of a frame in a vast array of shapes and sizes that would help make your inner doors a real feature. 

Our innovative technology also makes it possible for you to purchase and install fire resistant glass that will give you plenty of time to escape to safety should the worst happen. 

Installing a door frame correctly is vital, so why risk it yourself?

Allow the Vigor Doors experts to make sure your doors are as safely and well-fitted as they can be. 

Fire Door Frame

But Why Replace A Door Frame?

There are loads of reasons why you should be considering replacing your door frames.

Maybe you’re a landlord or property developer installing doors for a block of apartments, where the safety of your tenants or occupants is of the utmost importance?

Perhaps you’re seeking a little bit of quiet from the outside world, so need doors with great acoustic qualities to minimise noise pollution?

Are you refurbing your hotel or B&B and want to comply with fire safety regulations?

Or do you simply want to ensure high standards of health and safety – and, indeed, wellbeing – in your own home?

Whatever the reason, we love nothing more than providing our customers with quality Fire Door and Acoustic Door solutions.

Our team – from our fantastic designers to our skilled craftspeople; and from to our call handlers and expert installers delivering and fitting doors across the UK – will provide you with the best products and customer experience possible.

Interested in learning more?

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