Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Looking For New Interior Doors

20 May 2021

Are your current interior doors looking worn and tired? Letting drafts through gaps at the bottom or sides? Just generally bringing the place down a bit?

Then it’s almost certainly time that you invested in new doors!

But with so many varieties of interior doors and doorsets to consider, which kind should you choose?


The Benefits Of Expertly Crafted And Installed Interior Doors 

Increased property value

Show potential buyers that they’re purchasing a really well maintained property that you’ve put love and care into

Energy efficiency 

Get those heating bills down and put an end to irritating drafts! Older doors lose their shape and let air get through gaps

Noise reduction

Noisy neighbours? Want to minimise that racket your kids are making?! Well-crafted and stylish acoustic doors will help you create a haven of calm in your own home

Fire safety and security

Get peace of mind with attractive and customisable certified FD30 fire doors that look great and help keep everyone safe 

Design consistency

You don’t want your property to be a hodge-podge of conflicting styles. Improve the look and feel of your property by introducing a consistent style

Before You Do Anything…

All internal doors are the same size, right?


Sure, there might be some uniformity in new builds but if you’re living in an older property – and especially what could be deemed a ‘period property’ – then things are likely to be higgledy-piggledy. 

So, before you can even start looking at which style of interior door to choose, you need to get out that tape measure and find out the width and height of your door frames (you’ll need to measure them all, if you’re planning to buy a whole set of new doors).

The great thing about working with a specialist door supplier like Vigor Doors is that our expert installers can trim your doors down to the exact fit and hang them perfectly.

Interior Doors Noise Reduction

Which To Choose?

Now’s the fun part!

Are you looking for a crisp, modern look? Something more traditional in the farmhouse style? Maybe you’re considering glazed doors?

Wooden Panel Doors

The go-to choice for so many. Why? Because they offer so much in the way of versatility in terms of styles and materials.

Whether it’s oak, pine or knotty alder you want, wooden panelled doors are a decorative and easily customisable choice that can really lift the interior of your property.

And advances in manufacturing and fire-resistant materials mean that you can now get beautiful wooden panel fire doors that don’t compromise on safety.

Flush Doors

Sure, there was a time when flush doors were great big bulky things that looked out of place pretty much anywhere. Just think of those ones you find in B&Bs that can spoil the look and feel of a room.

But, ah, again, advances in design and manufacture – and an increase in demand – have resulted in a whole new generation of elegant and fire resistant flush doors that blend in beautifully with modern or traditional decor.

Glazed Doors

My first memory is of light – the brightness of light – light all around.
― Georgia O’Keeffe

Natural light just lifts everything, doesn’t it? It lends any room a sense of airiness and space. Makes everything feel so much bigger and brighter.

So, why block it out?

Many home and property owners must be subconsciously asking themselves that same question, because internal glazed doors are becoming increasingly popular.

Again, glazed doors offer such a variety of choice, from fully glazed through to glass panels and frosted or translucent glass.

Innovation also means that it’s possible to purchase and install glazed doors made with attractive fire resistant glass that can withstand a blaze for up to 30 minutes.

Standard Internal Doors

Do You Need Internal Fire Doors?

Perhaps you’re a landlord or property developer installing doors for a block of flats or a commercial property?

If so, you’ll need to comply with UK fire safety regulations by installing FD30 fire doors that slow down the spread of fire and deadly smoke in the event of a blaze.

In fact, you’ll even have to install a fire door (or several of them) if you’re putting an extension on your own private home, or if your home is over two storeys-high. They are also required in loft conversions and between a house and integral garage.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on safety or style. Far from it!

Standard Fire Doors That Will Amaze You

Fire doors have developed to the point where it’s difficult to distinguish ‘normal’ doors from fire doors that could end up saving lives one day.

Fire doors used to be manufactured using a very generic design with a wood-grain finish that could quite charitably have been described as ‘functional’. Basically, as though they’d been made using every branch on the ugly tree. 

Not the case today. Not at all. 

Want a fire door that looks amazing but still keeps building occupants safe? Even one that lets natural light flow through it? No problem! 

Whether you want wooden panels, glass or a sleek flush door, there’s a whole range of good-looking standard fire-resistant doors to choose from these days that will look great in any setting. And these can also be upgraded with expertly crafted ironmongery and finished in any way you choose.

Internal Door

Looking For Something Special?

If you want to go one step further by going for a unique fire door design, then we’re here for you

The possibilities are endless, and we love nothing more than providing customers with bespoke solutions. We don’t want their heads to get too big, but we have a fantastic team of fire door designers and craftspeople that can make your vision a reality.

Our expert installers also deliver and fit doors throughout the UK, and Vigor Doors as a company is built around the idea of giving our customers the best service possible, from beginning to finish.

What’s not to like?!

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