Can you decorate a fire door?

Yes, you can decorate a fire door. Well, what we mean is that fire doors can be aesthetically pleasing, by using a number of different finishes and features.

At Vigor Doors, we manufacture a number of different types of fire resistant door. These include foil, laminate, paint grade, veneered, and those with vision panels. Certified ironmongery can be added to doors, for example handles, drop seals, locks, latches and door viewers, as well as air transfer grills.

Can you put blinds over fire doors?

It depends on the application of blinds, and where the door is, whether or not you can put blinds over fire doors. You can get integral blinds in a fire door and roller blinds for screens, so it is possible to have blinds over fire doors and maintain their integrity.

In the case of a fire exit door, if it is covered up, then it’s not clear that it is the place of exit. It must be as clear as possible in the event of a fire.

Do fire door handles need to be fire rated?

Yes, fire door handles need to be fire rated. Every part of a fire door, including its components, must be tested and certified to satisfy regulations.

What should you never do to a fire door?

There are many things that you should not do to a fire door. First, you should never prop a fire door open. Propping open a fire door removes its ability to do its job (blocking fire and smoke for a period of time) in the event of a fire. Second, you should never fit uncertified products to one. Every part of a fire door must satisfy regulations.

Is it OK to paint a fire door?

Yes, it is ok to paint a fire door. It is superficial. At Vigor Doors, we manufacture paint grade doors, providing a great foundation for your finishing touch.

Do I need a specialist fitter for fire proof doors?

At Vigor Doors, we believe that you need a specialist fitter for fireproof doors. All of our manufactured products are tested and certified to either a FD30 or FD60 fire resistance rating. This product must then be fitted correctly to truly act as a passive fire protector. To minimise risk, a fitter trained in the correct installation of fire doors must be used.

Events like the Grenfell Tower fire cause questioning around the standard of the manufacturer and the fitter, identification of which will be found on the doors.

How do I measure a gap in a fire door?

The standard gap in a fire door (as recommended by the industry), is 2-4 millimetres. To measure the gap, you can slide a simple measuring device into it. This straight away confirms whether or now the gap conforms. It is important to note that the right environment for the door is then needed to maintain this safe gap size.

Are intumescent strips required on fire doors?

Yes, intumescent strips are required on fire doors. They close the gap around the door to help stop the passage of fire for a period of time.

Do I need a door closer on a fire door?

A fire door does not always need a door closer. It depends on where it is, as to whether or not it needs one.

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