Why Fire Doors Fail: Maintenance & Installation

Fire doors are something that Vigor Doors is passionate about, and for good reason: not only do they have to meet regulations, they need to be both safe and practical enough to make you feel safe at home, at work or out and about. By blocking the spread of fire and the fumes it generates, fire doors save lives and contain the initial blaze. Without a well-built fire door, fires can spread faster through the building, putting more lives at risk and making it harder for firefighters to do their jobs.

However, not everyone has the same drive and passion that we do: our priority is getting our doors done right, first time. As many of us have sadly witnessed in our lifetimes, devastating times and events can often lead to further problems down the line. This is why it’s paramount to get fire door installation right – after all safety is everyone’s right.

Here’s just a few examples of where fire door manufacturing and installation can go wrong:

  • Fire Door Requirements

    Manufacturing defects and poor build quality can cripple a fire door’s ability to resist heat.

  • Panel Fire Doors

    Cheaper fire doorsets can use materials less resistant to fire, or fail to meet their listed FD Rating.

  • Fire Door Resistance

    Improper installation can leave gaps large enough for fire and smoke to circumvent the door entirely.

Once they’ve been installed, they still need to be inspected by a qualified professional. Clearly, this is something you shouldn’t neglect, and any doorset supplier needs to get their fire doors done right. With this in mind, we’d like to talk about a recent job where Vigor Doors vigorously and rigorously intervened in a difficult project that needed essential time and money saved, without compromising on quality.

At Vigor Doors,
we engineer safety.

Recently, one of our clients asked us to step in on a project. Having received poor-quality doorsets from another supplier, we quickly deduced that these fire doorsets were substandard and could end up with the client losing their valuable contract.
One key issue with the client’s previous supplier was a lack of communication: alongside serious packaging and manufacturing problems, no assembly instructions being provided, as well as a clear plan for which door went where. After requesting a contract review, it became clear how much needed to be done to save this project.

Fire Door Frames North East UK

Done Right, First Time

After stepping in to save this project, we dropped in all our fire doorsets. Fully assembled and ready for installation, this consisted of a veneered door with a matching overpanel. The overpanel was fixed into the frame after being machined and positioned accordingly, so that the grain of the veneer ran through the overpanel of the fire door seamlessly. Though large and somewhat unwieldy, it allowed the on-site team to focus on installation rather than having to assemble it then and there.
On top of being pre-assembled, each fire door had clear identification labels to make installation a breeze. This process gave the project fire doorsets that were not only cheaper and simpler, but built to last.

Fire Door Regulations

Vigor + Everyone = Built For Life

Not only has Vigor Doors provided the service our client needed, they had saved the client an incredible £10,000 on the initial order value of £12,000! Where their previous supplier failed to deliver on cost, quality and excellence, Vigor Doors lived up to its name by not only providing a superb product but by continuing to provide an outstanding service that’s required in this field.
Where the previous supplier lacked drive and passion for their work, Vigor Doors was proactive, vigorous and rigorous.

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