Vigor Doors to the rescue! Doorsets crafted and delivered to London in double-quick time

Project overview

Vigor Doors were asked to produce doorsets within an incredibly tight timescale for one of London’s leading fit out specialists.


An unforeseen and quite unexpected issue caused damage to some doorsets we had designed and manufactured for a top London fit out specialist.

This simply wouldn’t do, and we were determined to replace the doorsets.

But there was a major challenge… the customer would need the new doorsets to be reproduced and delivered to London from our manufacturing headquarters in Teesside within 24 hours!

The Solution

‘Adapt, improvise and overcome’ forms a big part of our philosophy at Vigor Doors. As, of course, do delivering unrivalled levels of service and great results for our customers.

And, so, our fantastic production team got to work, injecting all their customary passion and enthusiasm into producing exemplary doorsets.

As for delivery, we knew we would have to improvise because we already had deliveries going to other parts of the country. Therefore, in the true spirit of teamwork and collaboration, our Operations Director, Claire Lowes, rolled up her sleeves and drove the doorsets down to the customer’s site in person.

Bravo, Team Vigor!

The Results

Well, given that all the doorsets were remanufactured and delivered direct to site so as not to delay the fit out’s progress, it’s fair to say that we had an astonished and very happy customer!

What’s happened since?

What had been, in the first instance, a fairly standard project for Vigor Doors turned into something of a twisty-turny adventure.

But, do you know what? We got there in the end, and everyone was delighted with the outcome!

What it’s made us reflect on is that, sometimes, events are beyond our control; but also that our team were very happy to come together to deliver an excellent result.

It also goes to show how much responsibility we take as a team to ensure that we deliver brilliant service and never let our customers down. We constantly live by our ‘Doors For Life’ mantra – and always will.

How would you summarise your thoughts on this project?

A whirlwind… but what an amazing buzz we all get from overcoming challenges against the odds and delivering products and services that delight our customers.

Why there’s no door supplier quite like Vigor Doors

Once again, Vigor Doors pulled it out of the bag!

Going by our case studies, you’d think that we were the equivalent of the Thunderbirds, coming to the rescue when nobody else can.

The less fanciful reality is that we actually smoothly deliver projects on a daily basis, and that extraordinary examples like these only occur once in a while. But, rest assured, Team Vigor will always come through for you in your time of need.

Whatever the circumstances, the team at Vigor Doors are totally committed to delivering fire door and acoustic door products and projects:

  • On time
  • To the highest standards
  • On budget!

And, so, whether you’re planning ahead to have fire or acoustic doors, doorsets and screens designed, manufactured, delivered and installed – or find yourself in a bit of a pickle like the above – Vigor Doors are the door supplier for you.

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