Front Entrance Doorsets for flagship Edwardian manor conversion on an extremely tight deadline

Project overview

A client wanted a super-quick turnaround for clean lines and Front Entrance Doorset to match the internals on a flagship Edwardian manor conversion in Surrey.


The previous door supplier did not offer the fire and security certification or product required to fulfil the client’s Front Entrance Doorset needs.

So, the client asked us to do the seemingly impossible: come up with a fully finished door meeting fire safety certification that looked like the internal doors within two weeks!

The customer also left it to Vigor to design the Front Entrance Doorset, saying that they could see Vigor shared their vision and that they trusted our judgement. On the one hand, we were delighted that they were placing so much faith and trust in us; but, on the other; it meant there was a lot of responsibility on our shoulders, given that we were delivering bespoke design for such a flagship project at such short notice.

The Solution

We pulled a rabbit out of a hat!

Thanks to excellent supplier relationships, we were able to successfully craft, deliver and install a fully paint-finished, fire and security certified Doorset – complete with polished chrome numerals – within the client’s extremely tight deadline.

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The Results

The client loves the product!

To quote them directly: “You can’t even tell that the Front Entrance Doorset and internal doors are from different providers. They are excellent quality, robust and aesthetically pleasing. I love the clean lines and the service you’ve provided.”

What more can we say? Mind-blowingly positive feedback

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What’s happened since?

We love what we do, and like to ensure that our customers are happy, but this was an amazing response.

The client has come back to us since for door closers – and we have once again resolved his problem, and he knows he can rely on us.

How would you summarise your thoughts on this project?

It’s an amazing feeling helping customers achieve their vision, and to play some part in making their dream a reality.

And, as our mantra goes… Doors for Life!

Why does Vigor Doors stand out from the crowd?

As this example once again demonstrates, everyone at Vigor Doors is totally committed to delivering Fire Door products and projects:

  • On time
  • To the highest standards
  • On budget!

That’s why our focus is front heavy – we always make sure we get a total understanding at the start of the project, so that we’re all on the same page. Even when, as in this case, we have to ‘deliver the goods’ at such short notice.

Mapping the work out in this way also means that we consistently deliver every aspect on time to the highest possible standards without going over budget.

Above all, we’re incredibly passionate about keeping you and your families – or the people you are responsible for – as safe as possible

Get fire doors right, first time!

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